Melvoy – Midnight Make Up (CD)

There is a rapid-fire approach taken by Melvoy that will immediately capture the minds and hearts of anyone listening in. The first track on Midnight Make Up, “Dirty Girrl”, blends equal parts emotive rock, flamenco, and funk to create something with a quick tempo and an utterly catchy demeanor. After this initial salvo, Melvoy keeps things going nicely with their “Holding On”. The track furthers the punk thread that plays at the periphery during the initial cut, adding an almost-Dischord type of feel to the swirl of guitars and drums.

It is during “Holding On” that the production begins to shine. While the band is singing and playing their hearts out, the rich production here allows the vocals to pop just as the guitars assault ears and drums splash in the background. With each side of the band shown, Melvoy is able to continue increasing the disc’s momentum into “I Love You”. “I Love You” is a perfect example of one of those tracks that will stick with listeners long after the disc finishes up. At a shade over two minutes, the blend of alt-country and straight-forward rock pounds its melodies indelibly into listeners’ minds. The band is able to recreate influences like Rise Against and The Replacements even as they forge boldly through with their own unique sound.

As the track sputters to an end, the band keeps things fresh with “Listen To Your Mother”. “Listen To Your Mother” has massive swings back and forth, creating the musical equivalent of a Nordic rowboat. With all members of the band striving for the same goal, the sound crafted by Melvoy here is nothing less than gargantuan. Touching briefly upon the work of The Red Hot Valentines and Yellowcard, “Listen To Your Mother” may be the track that Melvoy needs to break big. If what I’ve described sounds amenable to you, make it a point to pick up “Midnight Make Up” and see the band whenever they touch down on your neck of the woods.

Top Tracks: Dirty Girl, Listen To Your Mother

Rating: 8.2/10

Melvoy – Midnight Make Up (CD) / 2011 Self / 6 Tracks /

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