Pioneer Sports SE-CL331 (Headphones)

There are a number of different headphones that we have had the chance to review over the last year, and many of these were priced at a level that made it hard for individuals to swing. However, the price of the SE-CL331 headphones by Pioneer, coupled with a high level of quality, make them accessible to the widest array of purchasers. This quality is unmatched – these are for the workout center, designed for the most rugged of sets in mind. The design of the SE-CL331s repels water at depths up to a meter, which makes it incredibly easy to go and wash after each session.

The sound reproduction of the headphones is similarly strong – both highs and lows are represented well here. When paired with an iPod or other media player, the fidelity of each of one’s recordings will be maintained. There is a variety of different headphones colors to choose from, meaning that one can match no matter what they are wearing. The clip on the SE-CL331s allows for reduction of the tension that would normally be present – just set it onto your jacket or shirt and one can remove the typical problems that are associated with working out in a pair of headphones.

The included bag removes the chance that the headphones will be either lost in the bag or tangled beyond any form of recognition. We began the review mentioning about the price – one can find a pair of these headphones for about $60. The rugged construction of them makes this value much lower in reality – no matter how many time one pulls them out while doing a squat or row, they will be able to continue to work perfectly.

Rating: 9.2/10

Pioneer Sports SE-CL331 (Headphones) /

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