SciVation Dialene 4X (Fat Burning)

The amount of different diet and fat burning pills that are present at any one time on the fitness market will confuse anyone, and the differential effects that each have makes it hard to truly find the right supplement. However, I believe that SciVation’s Dialene 4X is one of the few fat burning pills that work, and will work no matter one’s age, level of health, or strictness of diet. Along with proper supplementation, there is no reason why a bottle of Dialene 4X should not translate to a few pounds burnt off and kept off.

The pill begins with the inclusion of a few vitamins in the B complex – B5, B6, and B12 – the presence of which allows their proprietary blend to work at a level higher than if it was the only thing present. This blend links together two distinct matrices – what SciVation calls their LipidOX and Fat Incinerating complexes. For the fat incinerating matrix, cayenne pepper and Caffeine tie together with Hordinine, Synephrine, and Vinpocetine to ensure that the taker’s body is primed for optimum efficiency, while the LipidOX blend contains a vast array of materials. This blend contains a number of compounds from fruits and vegetables along with FucoXanthin and Astathanthin.

This collection of vitamins, minerals, and other compounds ensures that individuals have a high amount of energy which is moderated to ensure nothing in the way of jitteriness. The presence of these natural compounds also makes it possible to avoid the crash that is nearly always present in these classes of supplements. For anyone that is looking to have a more efficient fat burning or other energy pill, I simply cannot recommend the SciVation Dialene 4X enough. At a MSRP of $45 (and online retailers knock some price off of that), there is no reason that this supplement should not be in your cabinet.

Rating: 9.1/10

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