Triple Smoke (Whiskey)

It is rare to receive a whiskey that differentiates itself from the status quo. Triple Smoke, one of Corsair’s newest offerings, does just that. This extremely small-run whiskey has such a unique taste and smoothness on one’s palette that any fan of spirits, whiskey or not, should search out a bottle at the earliest opportunity.

This is because Triple Smoke has such an assertive nose and finish to it that one will not likely forget it; hints of sugar, oak, and the titular smoke can all be noticed with every initial sip, while the glowing burn present in most whiskies is moderated by the cherry and beech wood notes present. While I would strongly point towards drinking Triple Smoke on the rocks or neat, I feel that mixed drinks that would employ Triple Smoke would be considerably better than those that use Jack or other mid-level whiskies. When we put a measure of Triple Smoke in with sour mix, for example, there was an assertiveness to the whiskey that ensured that the resulting drink was not too sweet. The complexity of Triple Smoke never goes away, and it is this nuanced set of flavors that make the resulting spirit a must-have in a liquor cabinet or other booze repository.

If whiskey still is not your cup fo tea, Corsair offers a number of other spirits. There is a Gin, Absinthe, and even a rye iteration of whiskey that may be enough to change an individual’s mind. There is such a high demand for Corsair’s offerings that one should make it to any of the states which it came be found (Kentucky, Georgia, Tennessee, Washington and California) and stock up.

Rating: 9.4/10

Triple Smoke (Whiskey) /

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