Rocksmith (Xbox 360)

There have been a whole slew of artist-based video games, especially those that center around taking up the mantle of a musician. However, there seems to be much more of a focus on the real-life music side of things with Rocksmith, which allows individuals to plug in their own guitar to play. The title’s difficulty is keyed into the ability that the individual shows in previous rounds – instead of throwing in too easy or hard challenged, the game is able to tailor efforts into a productive format for players. The variety of tracks that are available to play here far outstrips other games in this title.

This means that there are fully 50 tracks to choose from, including efforts from Nirvana (In Bloom), David Bowie (Rebel Rebel), and even Sweet Home Alabama. With the tabulature that an individual has to play to proceed to the next level, Rocksmith is a much more intense type of simulation game. With an intuitive playing style that matches the real life way to play the song, it would not be surprising to have individuals learn some guitar skill as a result.

With solid graphics, impeccable sound, and a solid library of tracks to choose from, Rocksmith is the perfect holiday gift or birthday present. Strong sales will ensure that this amazing title gets a sequel, so buy the game today and vote with your wallet. Keep an eye out for the bundle, which provides a perfect introductory guitar with which one can get their axe on.

Rating: 8.5/10

Rocksmith (Xbox 360) / 2011 Ubisoft /

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