Force Factor Pre-Workout Review

A product’s packaging is one of the least important things about it; while there can be information or a visually-striking box, I believe that what is in the supplement is most important. However, Force Factor has attempted to do something different with their packaging. In their main line, they have established a color-coding system of icons that showcase exactly what it is that their product is supposed to do. We received their Force Factor for review, and it contains a dumbbell and a lightning bolt – it allows for greater, stronger pumps as well as one’s endurance and energy. Switch out the icons and secondary box color, and one has a wide array of different products to choose from.

Force Factor is a pre-workout, and it allows individuals the ability to build lean muscle and to stick with their workout for considerably longer than the average person. The product works to increase one’s Nitric Oxide through the inclusion of A-AKG, A-KIC, and L-Arginine. Force Factor also possesses an “Advanced Nutrient Delivery System”, which links together Calcium, Potassium, L-Citrulline, Magnesium and NAD to keep individual drive high throughout a workout. Force Factor does not contain creatine, which allows for more opportunities in supplementation – one can then include their own version of creatine or use a recovery or protein supplement that contains it with no negative effect.

Force Factor is one product, but I believe that it provided me with the energy, drive, and determination that I needed to increase the intensity and length of my workout. While I noticed an effect throughout my entire time on Force Factor, I believe that legs days showed the most benefit. I could keep doing leg presses, curls, and the like at higher weights for an increased amount of reps. If you are looking for a new pre-workout, check out Force Factor. No matter how experienced one is at working out, they will begin to see some solid gains from this product.

Rating: 9.1/10

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