Harbinger Women’s Power Gloves Review

One needs gloves for any sort of repetitive exercise that they may do at the workout center. This does include running, elliptical work, and the exercise bike. However, pretty much no one follows that mantra. I know now that this reluctance is not due to the price of the gloves, nor the quality. Harbinger Fitness has made their name in providing products that will stand up to the rigors of working out, all at a price that is affordable to anyone.

The gloves have specific functions, based on the activity that one wants to do while at the gym. This means that Harbinger offers a pair of gloves for power lifting, punching the bag, or just to ensure a better grip on the machines (and to decrease the chance of blisters to boot). Months with this pair of gloves shows the quality of their products – there is only surface wear to these gloves, where many others would have unraveled strings or tears. This is not with only light-intensity workouts, either – these gloves were through a number of bench days, and make it through countless sets of squats and deadlifts. They were thrown carelessly in our workout bag and otherwise neglected, all while serving us admirably over the course of the last half-year.

Harbinger has been around for well over twenty years, and they are able to come forth with innovative products that will keep one safe, as well as financially flush. Their website allows a visitor to see where in their area that they can purchase Harbinger goods – their blog goes into detail about specific exercises that one may not normally know.

Rating: 8.0/10

Harbinger Women’s Power Gloves / http://www.harbingerfitness.com/

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