Sisterhood of Dune (Book)

There mythos of Dune has been carefully fostered over the 45-plus years since the creation of the original title. The latest effort, Sisterhood of Dune, is able to continue adding to this mythos, all while providing an interesting and compelling plot. What I found the strongest about Sisterhood of Dune is how it is able to navigate the various twists and turns of the Dune universe and establish something that is absolutely breathtaking in scope.

The Sisterhood of Dune starts out after the Battle of Corrin, and is set up immediately after Vorian Atreides has removed eirself from the political struggles of the planet. In eir absence, RaquellaBerto-Anirul establishes the Bene Gesserit School. As everything structural threatens to unravel, Berto-Anirul and eir Sisterhood are thrust into a power struggle that threatens to shake the Imperium to its core.

I know that I will be searching out other titles in the Dune franchise that look to add to the universe’s back story. Herbert and Anderson are able to write with a unified voice, and it is precisely why this book soars. While there is not quite the amount of action that has marked previous titles in the Dune franchise, the devil is in the details. The reasoning for the actions of each important individual come into clear view, as Herbert and Anderson provide more than enough detail. Check out Tor’s slate of books for the rest of 2012 at their websites; there are some doozies that are already slated to drop.

Rating: 8.4/10

Sisterhood of Dune (Book) / Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson / 2012 Tor / 496 Pages /

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