Stronger Legs and Lower Body (Book Review)

Human Kinetics provides the most cutting-edge body and workout titles, no matter what activity, age, sport, or other unique quality one may possess. Tim Bishop has created Stronger Legs and Lower Body, a title that looks to rectify a key problem in one’s workout. It is tremendously common to slack on legs days, or to do exercises that do not provide much benefit. The nearly 200 pages of Stronger Legs and Lower Body go into extreme detail about the wide array of legs / lower body exercises that are available and how one can modify them for the largest possible benefit. Each of the exercises that Bishop covers in Stronger Legs and Lower Body is described fully, with pictures providing readers with the proper form to use.

Bishop’s time as the strength and conditioning coach of the Baltimore Orioles have allowed eir to provide the average workout fan with tested and highly beneficial exercises. I personally found the different programs that are presented here to be particularly illuminating – with these, Bishop shows readers the proper amount of exercises and ensures that one will not overtrain. Furthermore, an individual can work out muscles that typically get short shrift in workout magazines and the like.

There is a wide array of titles that Human Kinetics is planning on releasing in 2012. Even if one feels confident about the different lower body exercises that they do, I would highly recommend purchasing Bishop’s Stronger Legs and Lower Body. There are just so many different workouts shown that an individual that is an old hand at working out will be able to find something new. With hundreds of titles available, Human Kinetics is the go-to for increasing the quality and form in one’s workout.

Rating: 9.0/10

Stronger Legs and Lower Body / Tim Bishop / 2012 Human Kinetics / 192 Pages /

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