Max Pro Tiramisu Roll (Protein)

Max Muscle is attempting to break the dominance of a few specific flavors in the protein aisle. Their Tiramisu Roll is the latest of these releases, and is a delectable protein that allows individuals to pack on muscle. The blend of different proteins (concentrate, Potassium caseinate, and Whey Protein Isolate) assist individuals at all points of their workout. The caloritic content of the Tiramisu Roll protein is sufficiently low – 130 calories per 30 grams of protein – that even those on severely restrictive diets will be able include a protein. There is virtually no sugar (less than 1g/serving) and cholesterol (15 mg/5% RDV) to the Max Pro Tiramisu Roll.

Those that are sensitive to the quality of the protein will like the Max Pro effort. The miscibility of the protein ensures that a smooth drink follows, while the flavor profile feels as if one is drinking their favorite Italian delicacy. Workouts subsequent to supplementing with the Max Pro protein are easier; I feel less sore and can actually complete sets (and the overall workout) with more energy than would be present otherwise. By preventing the breakdown of muscle tissue, Max Muscle’s Max Pro protein can cause even greater shifts in overall muscle mass.

At a $36 list price, there is no reason that one that is concerned about their workout should not pick up a bottle (or three). Check out the Max Muscle online store for a complete listing about the different products that they are offering. Make sure to pick up the 4 pound bottle of the protein, as one would do well to supplement with it morning, noon, and night.

Rating: 8.8/10

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