Newcastle Winter Ale (Beer)

Newcastle’s unique flavor is something that has to be present in any seasonal effects from the brewery. This IPA variant is able to build off of this unique mantra and provide imbibers with an experience that is unparalleled. Newcastle has provided individuals with a blend of Super Styrian and Styrian Goldings hops. This has the effect of inserting a little bite to the subtle smoothness that exists. This is assertive enough of a beer to wash down any sort of large dinner that may be present, but will go down easy enough if dinner is over or one begins a session.

I appreciate also that this is not a Christmas ale. Practically every brewery that we keep tabs on has some form of holiday ale, and I believe that most of them are utter rubbish. This is likely due to the brewers attempting to make the beer match the ingredients, rather than making the ingredients bolster and otherwise highlight the beer. Newcastle has noticed that a traditional holiday ale is not the way to go, and has make something stellar in their Winter Ale.

I like the fact that Newcastle reinvented the beer wheel when they made their Winter Ale. A number of brewers, both large and small, simply tweak one of their beers and call it a new point. Fans that simply expect a slightly more bitter version of Newcastle Brown may be disappointed, but anyone that likes the art form that is beer will be able to polish off a sixer or two. Here’s to hoping that Newcastle can continue to release these new efforts on a seasonal schedule. I know that I will be looking eagerly on the shelves for anything that is coming down the pipeline.

Rating: 9.0/10

Newcastle Winter Ale (Beer) /

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