Ninja Gaiden 3 (Xbox 360)

I feel bad for game design firms that are tapped to provide an additional title in a franchise, or otherwise update a beloved classic. While their efforts are typically solid ones, the popular outcry about the title by those expecting the world from it pushes the titles rapidly into the bargain bins. Ninja Gaiden 3 is a storyline sequel to 2; the title surrounds both Ryu Hayabusa and eir sword, the blade of the Archfiend. It is also one of the best video games that we have reviewed so far in 2012.

Graphical additions, including the slow-motion disemboweling of enemies, will appease those into gore. With the continued fall of Hayabusa, players are granted a super attack – dubbed the Grip of the Murder – that will solve pretty much any problem. The high energy of the title, coupled with the storyline goal of vanquishing the evil force from Hayabusa, will have individuals putting in some extreme sessions with the game. The graphics do not bog down, no matter how many baddies are on screen; everything seems as close to a cinematic as is humanly possible. The more natural receiving of weapons (instead of a store) throughout the title increases the overall immersion in the title. I believe that the gradual fade out of the HUD increases this as well; one will be able to fall headlong into the world of Hayabusa as they explore the world and storyline provided by Team Ninja.

I believe that Ninja Gaiden 3 is a stellar title, and one that is able to contain some of the same elements from the original efforts in the series while updating the game play and graphics to the current generation of video game consoles. The title should be bought as a birthday gift or present for those of age, or as a treat to oneself – it simply is a great action title.

Rating: 9.1/10

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