Fat Free (Thermogenic)

There are an incredible amount of different thermogenics that are currently out on the market. However, the quality of each of these products varies. We were able to test Applied Nutriceuticals’s new product Fat Free, and we are pleased to report that the supplement works for a variety of individuals. I believe that Fat Free has such a high efficiency in energy generation and fat burning because of Applied Nutriceuticals’s specific formulation. This means that each dose blends caffeine (from Coffea Arabica), ursolic acid (reduces the chance of muscle atrophy), hordenine and Acacia Rigidula. The supplement’s other inclusions (Theobromine, Green Tea Extract) work towards providing individuals with a quicker metabolism and lasting energy. Taken alongside Lipo PM, one will be able to work on their excess weight all day; HGHup means that fat will be destroyed as muscle is packed on.

The price of $46 is a bargain; the 1-2 capsule dosing means that one will reap the benefits of Fat Free for longer than other products on the market. The energy granted individuals by Fat Free does not make one jittery, nor does it crash suddenly. Rather, the energy granted by Fat Free is long-lasting and allows individuals to put in some serious work (whether it be in a workout or typical day to day work).

Make it a point to check out Applied Nutriceuticals’s website for more information regarding their products, and make sure to pick up a bottle of Fat Free whenever you need to re-up on your thermogenics or fat burning supps. I feel that Fat Free is a must-have if one wants to move to the next level; those that are working out on a daily basis would be able to take a step closer to competing after a regimen including Fat Free is completed.

Rating: 9.4/10


Fat Free (Thermogenic) / Applied Nutriceuticals / http://www.appnut.com/

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