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Mood & Mind ( ) is one of the best stores that we’ve found in regards to finding ‘functional foods’ and exotic botanicals for energy, relaxation, and generally feeling good.  Their store is designed in such a way that any visitor will immediately be able to find the supplies that they desire. Whether it be Stevia, organic superfood powder, or mood enhancing tea, Mood & Mind has it in stock. An email to the customer service department will yield a response in less than a day; they will ensure that your questions are answered and all concerns allayed.

Check out their $5.95 shipping offer, which ensures that your purchase will arrive lightning fast. Make sure to bookmark their site, as they are always adding new products – they are currently offering considerable savings on their Premium Kratom PowderKanna (Sceletium tortuosum), as well as their Blue Lotus extract powder.

Unlike a number of similar sites, Mood & Mind allows individuals to return their unopened products for a full refund. I’d recommend to visit Mood & Mind on a weekly basis, just to see what has been updated. The company is one of the few that I feel to be legitimate; many others that sell botanicals cut down their product (or keep in stalks, stems, or various unknown plant material).


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