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There are so many different shakers bottles that are on the market. So many of them, and especially those that are given away as a prize or for a large order at a supplement company, are absolutely garbage. However, there is a company that is able to use a smart design and a sturdy construction to make a product that anyone that works out seriously will appreciate.

This means that a SmartShake v2 will not ever leak; the screws that attach the top to the bottle do not allow any liquid to come through. The strainer top ensures that all chunks of a protein drink or an intra-workout will be broken up by the time that one takes a sip. The different compartments do well to keep everything separate. One can put two scoops of protein in the larger segment, while an array of pills can fit at the bottom.

Those that are concerned about the quality of the SmartShake should be happy; the company provides a lifetime warranty for their product. Make sure to check out the SmartShake store, as there are a considerable amount of different color schemes which to choose. At about $15 per bottle, one can be assured that they can properly supplement while still looking fashionable. Our particular favorite with the SmartShake v2 has to be the Flex Lewis 2012 edition, which blends blue and yellow for a particularly striking bottle.

Rating: 9.6/10

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