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Tito Ortiz’s Punishment Nutrition is one of the few celebrity-endorsed companies that can make supplmenets with the same high quality of tried and true fitness organization. We reviewed their Muscle Fusion protein a while back, and are pleased to report that their Thermofuse C4 is similarly amazing.

Thermofuse C4 has a number of inclusions that are common (Caffeine, Acai berry extract), but the presence of Naringin and EGCG are what differentiates the products from others on the shelf. These materials, along with Yerba Mate, Yohimbe, and Uva Ursi, grant individuals the energy that they need to pump through each workout, add weight to their stack, and recover from the constant stress and strain that they put their body through. We are unable to find a downside to Thermofuse C4.

The $70 price point of the Thermofuse C4 may be slightly higher than other products with a similar focus, but the formulation of the product will rev an individual up, keep their fat off, and supplement them with the minerals that they need to keep pumping through whichever exercise that they may be doing for the day. There is no jitteriness present to Thermofuse C4, nor is there a hard crash after the pill’s effects begin to wear off. Rather, I was impressed at how long Thermofuse C4 honestly worked; where other energy / fat burning products tend to slack off at the two or three hour mark, I found myself exercised by a single serving of the Thermofuse C4 four and five hours out.

Check out the Punishment Nutrition website for a listing of all the products that they have created; here’s to hoping that they can continue the same dedication to stellar products that has marked both their Muscle Fusion and their Thermofuse C4.

Rating: 9.3/10

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