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It seems that there are only a few general classes of supplements that are used by those who bodybuild. I believe that Labrada’s HICA-Max is the first effort in making a new “must-have” for individuals that want to be the most jacked they can be. HICA-Max contains Leucic Acid, which is the way in which amateur and aspiring pro bodybuilders can avoid steroids and pack on massive muscle. HICA (Leucic Acid) is an all-natural metabolite of the amino acid Leucine, and considerably ratchets up the amount of protein that is increased. As it is directly related to amino acids, taking HICA-Max will decrease the amount of lean muscle that is catabolized as a normal function of one’s body.

We have been able to supplement with HICA-Max for a few weeks and have noticed a number of significant benefits. The overall soreness that we feel the days after a workout has been decreased. This has been noticed in both heavy-lifting (5×5) and cardio days. We have been able to push ourselves further than we would normally in these workouts, both in terms of sets and weight used. We reaped the benefits of the HICA-Max most on presses (chest, military, and leg presses in particular) and strongly support the addition of the product to the bevy of pills and supplements which one should supplement.

The chewables themselves taste great, while the serving size (a solitary tablet) will easily fit alongside the variety of other supplements that one uses. The price of a bottle of HICA-Max ($40) will not break anyones’ bank – check the supplement out today and explore the Labrada store to see what else you can bring into your workout. Chances are that you will pack the muscle on with proper, Labrada-based supplementation.

Rating: 8.5/10

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