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Diablo III has been a long time coming. The initial Diablo was one of the first RPGs I had the chance to play, while I got in to Diablo II a few years ago. The gameplay elements are largely the same, but have been tightened up to create one of the most catchy and high replay titles we have reviewed. The classes (Witch Doctor, Barbarian, Wizard, Monk, and Demon Hunter) are differentiated in terms of role and abilities, making for a different game each time out.

Blizzard has kept the distinctive overhead view to Diablo, but has crafted absolutely gorgeous cut-scenes that will easily be mistaken for real-life. However, the game play elements provide more reason to stick with the game than these beautifully-wrought bits of cinema. The follower system decreases the difficulty of dungeons slightly, while the online co-op play can provide a distinctly different dynamic than single-player mode.

I believe that the different chapters do a good job in updating the Diablo canon while spinning the title into considerably different fare than what has been present in the previous two efforts. The inclusion of the auction house allows individuals to make additional gold or cash for their drops, or to purchase those items to allow them the edge. The different crafting aspects to gear and variation of said gear to different classes make taking on higher difficulties (such as the single-life hardcore mode) a distinct possibility. As a result, there is a good chance that one will be able to put hundreds of hours into Diablo III (rather than the tens of hours that other games brag about). With so many different things to do in Diablo III, one will be set until that point down the road when Blizzard releases their first expansion for the title. If you find yourself to be even the smallest fan of RPGs, make it as point to purchase a copy of Diablo III today.

Rating: 9.4/10

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