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Major bands are usually those that can get a good PR firm. After that, there are masses of firms that blend together. Still Beauty PR is a firm that consistently provides its clients with a tremendous amount of work for a small amount of cash. The experience that Still Beauty has allows individuals of all creative stripes – musicians, artists, models – to get their name out there and receive opportunities that they would not normally have. This press representation may be what is needed to move a local artist to a regional one, or even to a larger (national) realm.

The cost for these services will be recouped multiple times after Still Beauty’s campaign has ended. The different packages that are available allow both big and small clients the opportunity to benefit from Still Beauty. At $350 a month for the highest package, this represents 80-95% off what most other PR firms charge. I personally appreciate how keyed in Still Beauty is to the Internet; it seems that public relations firms do not use the different sources that are available to them.

Still Beauty connects with their clients at a variety of levels. Whether it is through face to face meetings, emails, or phone calls, there is a strong sense that the company is always working for its clients. The amount of active clients that they maintain is sufficiently small that an artist will not feel as if they are a face in the crowd. If one wants to see their business and fame grow, make it a point to take advantage of Still Beauty’s diverse skill set. Get in on the ground floor, as the amount of services they provide far outstrips the amount that they are charging.

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