Top Secret 100% Whey Protein

There are a number of different protein efforts that are currently available from companies. However, the Top Secret 100% Whey Protein is one of the few that attempts to distance itself from the rest of these products. This is because of the inclusion of AstraGin, a blend that increases the amount of protein that will be absorbed by the body. I feel that the gains that I have made while supplementing with Top Secret’s 100% Whey Protein are considerably larger than they would be if I had used any other product. The 100% Whey sourced protein is an additional part of this – the two elements combine to make for a better protein that is absorbed in any easier fashion by an individual’s body.

Making a protein shake with two scoops of the 100% Whey Protein ensures that it will possess a small amount of calories (300) and fat (10 grams) compared to its protein content (50 grams). The miscibility of the protein ensures that one will have a smooth experience throughout. Top Secret has hit it out of the park with this protein; I would strongly suggest picking up a bottle of it whenever you next run low. Couple it with a product like their pre-workout (Cardio Igniter) and keep an eye out on their website for the release of a whole slew of other products through the end of 2012 and into 2013. At $60 a bottle, the protein’s price will not put anyone in the poor house.

Rating: 8.7/10

Top Secret 100% Whey Protein / 25 grams, scoop / Chocolate Ice Cream /

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