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It was fortunate that we received the Capresso teaC100 Water Kettle for review a few days back – our old kettle had just been broken. In all seriousness, this product is absolutely bonkers. The Schott glass which the kettle is crafted will allow it to take normal wear and tear with no issue, while the boil dry protection ensures that it is not dangerous in the slightest. Perhaps one of its strongest selling points has to be the fact that one can remove the kettle from the base of the teaC100 and place it onto a table without causing any marks or water damage.

The design of the teaC100 will ensure that it can fit right in amongst the appliances in any style of kitchen; the versatility of the product allows individuals to go and make hot chocolate or anything else that requires boiled water. The 6-cup capacity of the teaC100, coupled with the rapid heating of water, ensures that one will be able to have tea on demand whenever they would like.

For anyone that likes tea, make it a point to plonk down $100 and pick up the teaC100 today. The rapid boiling of water and creation of teas at just the right temperature completely removes the hassle present from the process and created a safe and healthy alternative to both pop and coffee. It will likely not be needed, but Capresso offers a 1-year warranty if anything were to go wrong. Make sure to view the other Capresso products to see their take on a great number of the must-have products for the home and kitchen.

Rating: 9.3/10


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  1. We are on our third warranty replacement C100 in 6 months. The electronics go bad and the little light just flashes and there is nothing you can do to reset it other than send it back for a replacement. Our last Capresso was great so we really are disappointed.

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