Schiek Power Series 425 Lifting Gloves

Schiek has released their Power Series 425 Lifting Gloves, and we are pleased to report that they are the best that we have ever received. The natural color of the gloves immediately provides a distinct look, while the sheer ruggedness of the build ensures that they will assist in workouts long after other gloves have given up the ghost. The padded thumb / palm allows for a tighter overall grip in all exercises. I noticed this particularly during barbell work. Individuals will be much more concerned about the weights that they are lifting rather than having to deal with pain from gripping onto the bar. The 425 model comes with a set of wrist wraps; I would suggest these to further ensure that one can put their focus into the lift, rather than the preparation.

The gloves are made of a synthetic leather (Amara), which holds up better than the real stuff. The gloves can be soaked and otherwise cleaned without any sort of breakdown; there were able to be restored to new status with little more than baking soda and water. The Power Series 425 shone no matter what we threw at them – a 5×5 regimen that included deadlifts, bench presses, overhead presses, and the like was made that much easier with the closeness of fit and additional padding that the gloves provided.

Schiek has a variety of different gloves available for sale on their website; no matter whether an individual wishes to have a little extra production while using the elliptical, biking, running, or weight training, Schiek has made a glove that will fit. They also offer various wraps and power lifting belt to further fill out a bodybuilder or powerlifter’s inventory. Check them out today.

Rating: 9.7/10

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