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Bang Bars are the best collection of materials that a body needs that we’ve seen in bar form. Where there are countless protein bars on the market, VPX’s Bang Bar combine 30 grams of protein with a full dose of Creatine. The protein will allow individuals to put on muscle at any point of the day, without having to resort to sticky, chunky, or otherwise off-putting protein drinks. Taken alongside a multi-vitamin, fish oils, and amino acids, what the Bang Bars do is stave off exercise-related fatigue and muscle catabolization.

VPX has given individuals a protein bar that works long after one’s workout ends. The flavor of the initial two efforts – German Chocolate and Peanut Butter & Jelly – is considerably different than other companies’ contributions to the protein bar market. By exploring different flavor profiles, VPX has ensured that one will look forward to eating their Bang Bars. Each individually-wrapped bar can be eaten in a few bites, while the bar format staves off the pile of crumbles that seem to accumulate with some of the more gaudy protein bars. The formulation of these bars does not require cookie crumbles, chocolate chips, or harmful amounts of sweeteners.

Bang Bars can be purchased on the VPX website, with each box setting individuals back about $43. With the amount of benefit that these bars provide, this is a small cost to pay. Make sure to check out the VPX store for other possible additions to your medicine cabinet; their supplements will facilitate muscle gain, overall health, and all-day energy (among others).

Rating: 8.5/10

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