The MAX Muscle Plan (Book)


The MAX Muscle Plan is a title that anyone that is looking to pack on muscle should read. The title, written by Brad Schoenfeld, is crafted in such a way that even those that are looking to become healthier will be able to follow. For those that have been on various other plans and are more experienced, Schoenfeld’s MAX Muscle Plan will eke out gains that one thought impossible. The periodization aspect of the plan, particularly captured in the differential sections chapters. By sectioning off the body in an intuitive fashion (back / chest / abdomen, shoulders/arms, and lower body), individuals that take up the MAX Muscle Plan will be able to provide adequate focus on expansions in that region.

The MAX Muscle Plan has enough variation in terms of the specific exercises available to students; one will be able to cycle through the 100-plus workouts and pick out the ones that work the best for them. The half-year plan will forever change how one works out; by tying together weight exercises with cardio and strong nutrition, Schoenfeld covers all bases.

Schoenfeld wants individuals to change all aspects of their life in his plan; there are proscriptions for the nutrition one needs to properly shine, as well as a showcase of the importance of cardio for one’s health. The cost of The MAX Muscle Plan is considerably lower ($19.95) than other similar diet or lifestyle books, and will provide readers with a much easier way to packing on pounds of muscle. I recommend this title for anyone that is looking to tone or bulk up; Schoenfeld’s easy to read style and step by step instructions put other titles to shame.

Rating: 8.4/10

The MAX Muscle Plan / 2012 Human Kinetics / 240 Pages / /

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