Can a Low Carbohydrate Diet Help You in Losing Weight?

Can a Low Carbohydrate Diet Help You in Losing Weight?

It is always desired by the women to achieve a perfect figure by losing weight from the essential body parts. They want a speedy weight loss regime to get a perfect shape by losing the extra pounds of their body fat. There are two ways for weight loss procedures that are different altogether in their approach namely low carbohydrate diet and low calorie diet. This article will give views of the expert nutritionists, telling how the two approaches are different and which one is more effective in bringing long term results.

A low carbohydrate diet has the following aspects related to it:-

  • Functioning

 A low carbohydrate diet excludes starchy foods like bread, rice, potatoes etc. Thus, this type of diet will be usually high in proteins and fats. It helps reduce the body weight by controlling the blood sugar levels. The higher intake of carbohydrates will increase the level of blood sugar and thus induce the release of insulin that makes it difficult for the fats to break up. Thus, low carbohydrate diet will cause an opposite action and help reduce weight.

When there will be no carbs, the fats will break down to produce energy and thus the sole purpose of weight loss is fulfilled. This type of weight loss is not as beneficial as advised by the expert dieticians.

  • May not be a long term solution

 This type of diet may not bring in long term weight reduction in your body. Though this brings in faster results where there is a considerable decrease in your weight loss in about 2 weeks. But as soon as you will get back to your normal diet pattern you, you may gain weight back again. This is because the weight loss due to this type of diet is not of your body fat but of your body water. The faster results brought about are because of this reason only.

Also rich carbohydrate foods contain antioxidants to help you fight against various diseases and also high fiber is essential for your proper well being. Losing these essential nutrients cannot be practiced for the entire lifetime and thus you need to adopt back your diet sooner or later.

Another reason to restrain from low carb diet is because the foods will have higher amount of proteins. This will help at the initial stage but later your kidneys will have a strain to metabolize higher amount of protein content. Also higher protein content in the body can cause the bones to lose calcium which normally happens in women and is very harmful for their health.

  • Contrary to counting calories

Thus, looking at all the aspects of low carbohydrate diet, a low calorie diet comes out to be a better solution for long term benefits. There needs to be a balance to be maintained in the body to have a proper body weight.

Consuming fewer amounts of calories and burning more of them will help you reduce weight. Too much avoidance of calories can also be hazardous and cause deficiencies to occur in your body.

In a nutshell, the main motive of yours should be to lose weight with a proper approach and adopt a healthy lifestyle. Try to maintain a balance in your diet and be a reason of envy of others!

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