Prima Donna Interview

What brought the band into creating music?

My sister Tina and I started writing songs at an early age. We formed the band so we could record and perform our music.

Tell us about your average studio day – what goes on and how does your music ultimately get realized into a physical format?

It starts early and ends late. We play the songs or individual parts over and over until it feels right. Until we capture the right emotions and energy of the particular song. It’s an exciting, creative process. Sometimes we get it right the first time and sometimes it can take many hours.

How was it to work with Phil Nicolo on Restored? How did working with him during the recording process change your output?

It was a great experience to work with Phil. It changed the output in a big way. We were not fully happy with previous attempts of mixing the tracks. Phil took all the songs and remixed them and mastered them. He brought the true performances out and basically brought the songs to life. He really got inside them and helped to realize the songwriter’s intentions. He added his own creative touch, a true artist and master of the craft! He really saved the record for us! It was a great learning experience, working with him.

What has been on your MP3 player as of late? How do these songs compare to those of your greatest influences?

Hmm. I’ve been listening to Ellie Goulding a lot lately. Love her song, Lights and her new record. I’m not really an electronica/dance music fan but I love her style. She writes great melodies and lyrics. I also listen to a lot of alternative rock. They compare to my greatest influences in different ways – I’ve always been attracted to music that moves me it’s about the emotion. My early influences were mostly rock bands. A good song is a good song no matter what the format.

What does the twin dynamic mean for Prima Donna?

A lot of arguing! Ha ha.. It brings a certain dynamic that comes from being sisters. Our creative styles balance out pretty well.

What is the most memorable time that you have had at a live performance? What cities would you still like to play, and where do you think your next tour will take you?

I remember when we first started playing; we performed in New York at a time when the music scene was more alive. People were very receptive to original music and got excited. The clubs were  full then, it was just a great vibe. We’d love to play all over the US and eventually beyond. We want to start out regionally first. We will do some local touring on the east coast first. Then hopefully, move on.

How will NeuFutur readers be able to keep abreast of the latest news and music coming from your way?

Our website is the best resource. Also social media sites like reverbnation and facebook.


What should we expect from Prima Donna in 2013?  More music and a lot more shows!


Do you have anything else to say? Yes, thank you! Thanks so much to everyone taking the time to read this and for checking out our music. And thanks for the interview, those were great questions!

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