How to Workout At Home: Beginners Guide


Starting with a workout routine can be a tough decision, especially if you are unsure about going to the gym. Many people are apprehensive regarding this and want to workout in the confines of their own home. There are many benefits of working out and you shouldn’t let your shyness stop you from doing it. There are home workout plans to help you create a perfect workout routine at home, if you need professional advice.

It is necessary to have your doctor’s permission before you start working out at home. After that, get all the necessary equipment you would need for your at-home workout routine. The exercises that you do at home are of three types and they target different important areas. Although these exercises will help you on a basic level, you might want to invest in some dumbbells and exercise machine as you advance further.

  1. Increasing and Improving your Cardiovascular System – Aerobic exercises are necessary for your cardiovascular system. You must make sure that you allot three days every week for doing aerobics. Do anything you like. It could be a walk for 10 minutes at your favorite park. If you like cycling, then you can just ride your bike. If rope jumping rejuvenates you, then you could do that as well.

It is always great to start with 10 – 15 minutes of aerobic exercises and then slowly increase this time to 30 minutes. Juggle between the activities you like and keep it interesting. Look up workout plans online to find an efficient way of exercising.

  1. Improving the Flexibility of your Body – An improved flexibility in your body would be beneficial to your muscles. It will ensure that you don’t get problems like muscle pulls, injuries and other similar issues when you perform your daily activities. You can do some basic stretching as a warm up. Sit on the floor and stretch out to touch your toes. You can also kneel down on the floor in order to stretch and warm up the muscles of your shoulder and neck.
  2. Increasing your Muscle Strength – As a beginner, you don’t need more than 3 sessions a week for strength building exercises. The things you need are – stability or exercise ball and exercise bands. This is all you need for a full body exercise.

The first day of your strength training would focus on your arms and shoulders. Use your rubber exercise bands to perform bicep curls to build strength in your arm. Also perform some triceps extensions. After that, you need to work on your abdominal muscles by doing sit ups using the exercise ball. The second day should be reserved for plank exercises, lunges and leg abduction exercises to work on the muscles of your leg.

Your abdominal exercises should be done in each session but alternate between working out your leg and arm session wise.

Don’t rush your body too much because you might be susceptible to injuries. Start with aerobic exercises to prepare your body in the first week and then graduate to resistance training after 2 weeks. Do some cardio and stretching at first because you don’t want to stress out your body.

Working out at home can be quite fun if you do it the right way. The results would be there to see for all and you would not regret you decision at all. Just put on your favorite music and go for it!

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  1. Awesome post. Really worth reading… Home workout programs are complete fitness solutions. hen you’re healthy, you feel better, look better, and are all around more happy. Maintaining a good physique isn’t necessarily easy. So, it is best if people follow the tips mentioned in this article. They are the best and really work wonders for most of the people. Wish you guys luck!

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