Blueant Q3 Premium Smartphone Earpiece Review


The Blueant Q3 Earpiece is stylish and discreet while not sacrificing any of the fidelity or call quality that Blueant is known for. The connection process is incredibly easy, ensuring that it will be up and functional within a few minutes of unboxing. The proprietary application that Blueant has created for Android allows users to use their phone hands-free; a prompt of “What Can I Say?” reveals functions to answer, ignore, and make calls. The ability of the Q3 to shine on the Vlingo SafeReader software ensures that email and text messages can be read out. I did not feel as if I had to be loud or in a quiet room to have the Q3 pick up my commands. For example, I was able to answer and drop calls via voice driving on highway speeds without a hiccup, while the connection that the Q3 had with the phone was similarly stable.

The best function for the Q3 has to be the ability to sync up with two phones; one can pick up a call on either phone without having to switch over. While earpieces typically seem to be on the fragile side, the Q3 is fairly substantial. Ensuring that it does not get stepped on is still a major worry, but the Q3 will be able to stand up through years of everyday usage with nary a scratch.

The Blueant Q3 Earpiece retails for $99 online and provides purchasers with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty, and can be purchased in platinum and black. Find out more information about the earpiece and the rest of Blueant’s product line at the website linked above.

Rating: 9.5/10

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