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The Bowflex UpperCut will present users with a wide variety of exercises for when the gym is closed or otherwise out of reach (inclement weather, lack of transportation). The UpperCut can be locked in a variety of positions to work out one’s chest, arms, core, and legs. In fact, the ability of the UpperCut to be moved into numerous configurations makes it easy for individuals to create their own workouts.

I feel that the flys that one can do on the UpperCut will do the most to properly provide definition to arms, as the arc aspect of the exercise is recreated perfectly from the dumbbell version of the exercise. Dives – a form of a lunge – represent some of the hardest exercises that I have done. The UpperCut ensures that individuals are doing the exercise perfectly, establishing a motion that will transfer nicely over to the gym. Individuals that utilize the UpperCut will be able to get an additional range of motion in their push ups – I was able to go deep with each rep and end with full extension of my arms.

The build design of the UpperCut ensures that it will occupy a place in the front rooms of those purchasing it. The versatility of the product is matched nicely with the small amount of floor space that it takes up. If one has a more open sort of office, it would not be inconceivable to do a few sets during a break or a lunch hour with the UpperCut. Visit the Bowflex website for more information about the UpperCut, their overall product lines, and any specials that they may be running.

Rating: 8.3/10

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