Igniter Extreme Review

HIT Supplements has provided purchasers with a full complement of inclusions to increase energy, provide laser-like focus, and increase the overall health of those that are supplementing with this pre-workout. The BCAAs found in Igniter Extreme decrease the potential for lean muscle gains to be catabolized, while the Creatine Monohydrate here allows for the muscles to be packed on. As far as pre-workouts go, the sheer amount of energy that a scoop provides is astounding. Where one needs to increase the amount of material that they utilize as they continue to supplement with a pre-workout, I feel that the energy provided by Igniter Extreme does not decrease as one utilizes the PWO.

Furthermore, the energy that is provided by this supplement gradually decreases after a workout instead of allowing individuals to crash hard after athletic activity ceases. Taken alongside protein and a multi-vitamin, one will be able to see some significant gains both in terms of muscles and personal records.  The Igniter Extreme comes in both Tropical and Raspberry flavors, and mix into water perfectly. What normally is the hardest drink to get through becomes something similar to a drink mix. The flavor is there but does not engulf every aspect of the drink; one will be able to drink this quickly and get to their workout.

Make it a point to check out the HIT Supplements website for more information about their whole slate of products and to see the efforts that they will be releasing through the end of 2013. We have already reviewed their Core Evolution Protein (and loved it); give HIT Supplements a good long look the next time that you need to replenish your supplement stock.

Rating: 8.3/10

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