Fireman’s Brew

Fireman’s Brew is a new microbrewery that loves to go and put some polish on familiar beer offerings, meaning that there is a blonde (Pilsner), brunette (doppelbock) and a redhead (Red/Amber ale) offering that the company currently brews. The Fireman’s Brew Blonde is an effort to expand upon the American lager format, the brew of choice for many of the titular fire men and women that are currently serving. Fireman’s brew creates the pilsner with a little bit more substance than what is typically carried at a local bar – there is a crispness to the opening sip. Continue reading “Fireman’s Brew”

FunFunFunFest 2014 Review

I arrived at FunFunFun Fest and walked into a crowded tent to witness John Waters go on a comedic diatribe about how people should put their old pornographic magazines on the shelves of Walmart. Then and there, I knew it was going to be a good evening. After Waters’ performance I walked over to the Waterloo Records booth where he was signing autographs and posing for pictures. I told Mr. Waters how I somehow managed to rent Pink Flamingos when I was thirteen. Things haven’t been the same since that fateful trip to the video store. Continue reading “FunFunFunFest 2014 Review”

LO FI LiMO Interview

Promises is your debut album. How happy are you with the title? What is your favorite songs off of the album?

I’m very happy with the title because it’s the Anthem of my life right now. Many promises that have been put inside of me are finally being fulfilled, and This new Lo-Fi Limo record was one of those! The whole album is an expression of the Highs and Low’s of the experiences I’ve been through before, and during the making of this album. Continue reading “LO FI LiMO Interview”

Specyal T Dose of Distinction 2 LP CD Review

Dose of Distinction 2 is the latest work from Specyal T, and it shows considerable progression from Specyal T’s debut release. The 12 tracks on the title showcase a wide array of different styles, genres, and overall approaches taken by this stellar performer. End of An Error features Tyse and hammers home strong percussion with an upfront and in your face set of vocals; twinkling synths play in the background to make for one of the most dense and fulfilling compositions that we have heard this year. A number of listens will be required to hear everything that has been placed into this effort, further increasing the replay value of the song. Continue reading “Specyal T Dose of Distinction 2 LP CD Review”

Create the Perfect Gamer’s Living Room

Do you love gaming? If not, maybe your husband enjoys unwinding by diving into the world of fantasy and virtual reality that’s offered up by today’s hottest games, like those found on the Xbox or PlayStation consoles. Or maybe you have children who are huge fans of gaming and who spend hours letting their imaginations run wild.

Regardless of which member in your family loves gaming the most, if you have a gamer in the household, you should create a space in which they can feel comfortable as they play for hours on end. And the living room is the ideal room in which you can create a gamer’s haven that anyone will enjoy being in.

First Up, a Comfortable Place to Sit

A large, comfortable sofa, whether you prefer leather furniture or microsuede, is a must in a gamer’s living room. This is because the gamers will need to have a really cosy place to settle into for extended periods of time. The last thing that you want is to be playing for a long time only to find that your legs, back, and neck ache, so the most comfortable and relaxing couch, Continue reading “Create the Perfect Gamer’s Living Room”

CONQUER Offer Free Download ‘Hell’s First Born’ From Upcoming EP ‘A Worms Demise’

Unleashing their self-produced debut EP ‘A Worms Demise’ on December 2nd, Canadian blackened death metal band CONQUER are offering fans a second FREE download Continue reading “CONQUER Offer Free Download ‘Hell’s First Born’ From Upcoming EP ‘A Worms Demise’”


When it comes to dildos and other marital aides there seems to be a small portion of the items available in normal adult themed stores. It is difficult with a mature subject material for many individuals that are interested to find the proper device for their specifications. Vixen Creations is a company that creates an array of different dildos to ensure that a person is able to have the right device for whatever their fantasies require. Continue reading “Randy”

Wild Garden Snack Pack To Go

There are a number of office buildings present and pretty much any city or location, the vast majority of these office buildings provide workers with a set of snacks that by and large is very unhealthy. Wild Garden has created a set of snacks that will have individuals filled without increasing their waistline. These snack packs contain hummus as the dipping material and this chickpea based dip is something that is head and shoulders more healthy than a ranch or vegetable dip. There is a plane and a garlic flavor of the hummus while there is a plain Crunchmaster and a quinoa based cracker to further vary the line. Continue reading “Wild Garden Snack Pack To Go”