The Adventures of Mrs. Jesus By Dan O’Shannon (Book)

If God doesn’t have a sense of humor, TV writer/author Dan O’Shannon is likely going to hell thanks to The Adventures of Mrs. Jesus. But I’ll gladly tag along with him.


This small paperback is a wildly funny collection of one and two panel jokes about Jesus and his supposed wife. O’Shannon, a writer and producer of shows like Cheers, Frasier and Modern Family, uses the same illustration of Jesus on a cross in each panel and adds in everyone from Mrs. Christ to Casper the Friendly Ghost to tell these one and two liners.

Profane controversial and raucously funny, O’Shannon sacrifices one of our most sacred cows and manages to churn out of the best satirical comics in years.

The Adventures of Mrs. Jesus By Dan O’Shannon/softcover/154 pages/William Morrow/2014

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2 thoughts on “The Adventures of Mrs. Jesus By Dan O’Shannon (Book)”

  1. Why is Dan O’Shannon hating Catholics and ridiculing their religion?

    Doesn’t he have a life of his own that needs his attention, that he has time to go out of his way to make hatespeech?

  2. Mary Shacklock Ryan:
    Hatespeech howso? Jesus isn’t just a catholic thing, it’s worldwide. And how is it hatespeech to present a humorous take on a fictional character? I guess you weren’t a fan of “the life of Brian” then. It is perfectly legitimate under the first amendment (of which you may have heard) to the constitution to create such a work. You might need to consider that under that same constitution you do not have a right not to be offended.

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