Elevation Burger (3365 Washtenaw Avenue, Ann Arbor, MI)

We were in the Detroit area and thought driving the hour or so to the Ann Arbor area would be a good day trip from the Motor City. While in Ann Arbor, we stopped at Elevation Burger on Washtenaw Avenue. We had an experience that was memorable and have found a new chain to hit up whenever we are in that quadrant of Michigan.

I ordered The Elevation Burger, a two-patty offering that is filling and can be further varied through the inclusion of a variety of sauces (the Elevation sauce, blue cheese, balsamic Dijon, BBQ sauce) and condiments (jalapenos, lettuce, tomato, raw and caramelized onions, pickles). The French fries were crispy, light, and airy with just enough salt to make one want to finish their serving. The servings at Elevation far outstrip other burger joints and could easily sate two sets of hands.


For those wanting additional variety to their Elevation experience, the restaurant is outfitted with a Coca-Cola Freestyle Machine. When compared to the ones that we have experienced down in Ohio, Elevation’s Freestyle machine had a larger number of fruit beverage options. For those that want to have the traditional (burgers, fries, and a thick drink), Elevation offers a panoply of different milkshakes. The base is coffee, vanilla, or chocolate ice cream and further options are legion – one can include fruits (bananas, strawberries, blueberries, mango, black cherry) or sweets (Oreos, chocolate syrup, cheesecake, or key lime). The restaurant was clean and had employees taking away the trash after tables were finished with their meals.IMG_20150524_140835020

Elevation may focus on burgers, but their menu is rounded out through the inclusion of a chicken breast sandwich and two different types of vegetarian options (one vegetarian, one vegan). The restaurant has a very earth-conscious focus to it and as such, provides chicken that is antibiotic/hormone free and beef that is grass-fed, free-range, and organic. For more information about Elevation’s menu, locations in your neck of the woods, and promotions, visit their domain at elevationburger.com .

Elevation Burger (3365 Washtenaw Avenue, Ann Arbor, MI) / http://elevationburger.com/ / https://twitter.com/elevationburger

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