ZVOX Soundbase.220 Soundbar

The Soundbase.220 is a perfect introductory model for anyone that wishes to have faithful recreations of audio, atmospheric sounds, and music. The small form of the Soundbase.220 means that one will be able to stick the soundbar anywhere near their television / home theater system.  This soundbar is a single piece; ZVOX has made it easy to coordinate the soundbar with the television remote, meaning that the bass and treble will be immaculate. The company has the PhaseCue Virtual Surround Sound included on the Soundbase.220 that allows for a richer sound than would normally be present from a similar device.


The installation of the Soundbase.220 is utterly simple, with ZVOX containing a number of distinct ports – coaxial, analog, and Toslink inputs are all present. The build quality of the Soundbase.220 is considerable, meaning that it can take all the dings and drops that would occur in everyday service. We were particularly impressed with the loud commercial feature which rounds off and softens the change in volume from the feature presentations and the rest of the show. The sound reproduction is made all the clearer with the usage of wood for the Soundbase.220.

For more information about the Soundbase.220 and the rest of the ZVOX product line, check out http://www.zvoxaudio.com/ . While the company claims that the Soundbase.220 will serve TVs ranging from 22 to 37 inches, I contend that the quality of the soundbar is substantial enough to fill bedrooms, living rooms, and do justice to televisions up to 45 inches. The ZVOX product line is available directly from the company with free shipping; expect to pay about $170 for the Soundbase.220. For those that wish to evaluate any of Zvox’s product line, the company offers a 60-day trial to evaluate their products.

Rating: 9.7/10

ZVOX Soundbase.220 / http://www.zvoxaudio.com/ / http://www.zvoxaudio.com/divinity-cart/item/4002201/zvox-audio-soundbase.220/1.html /

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