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Classic WafflePro / Model 854 review in

The Classic WafflePro is one of the most intuitive pieces of cooking tech that we have covered in NeuFutur. After unboxing, wash the griddle off with a small amount of water and add a little oil afterwards, plug the device in, and the WafflePro will be ready to go in about two or three minutes. A tone alerts users to when the Model 854 is at the correct temperature; when we were doing a quick clean on the initial cook, the chime went off every time the iron reached the optimum heat. Classic WafflePro / Model 854 review in NeuFutur.comThere are two settings for the overall consistency of a waffle present on the Model 854 – Crisp Texture / Moist Interior and Uniform Texture. The rocker switch makes it easy for individuals of all ages to have waffles done to their specification, while the Color Control dial can provide a whole range of doneness to the waffle. The consistent heat of the Classic Wafflepro means that one can keep the Color Control at 1 and just check the waffle until it is to an appreciable doneness.

The non-stick surface of the griddle makes clean up easy. Any sort of extra material that will make it onto the sides of the Waffle Pro can be removed with a little bit of soapy water and elbow grease. The Model 854 is light, portable, and can be placed in a cabinet or on a shelf for safekeeping when waffles are not on the menu. We were surprised at the non-stick surfaces of the Classic WafflePro even with sticker elements; we created a butterscotch waffle and were able to immediately take it out without the waffle breaking up or gluing itself to the iron.

The Classic WafflePro is available from online and brick and mortar restaurant supply stores and will cost around $100.

Rating: 9.6/10

Classic WafflePro / Model 854 /


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