Crave Restaurant – 7101 Democracy Boulevard, Bethesda, Maryland

We were lucky enough to be invited to dine at the Crave Restaurant in Bethesda, Maryland when we took a trip out east. The large menus that the restaurant offers ensures that there will be a unique experience had with each subsequent visit. To begin the meal, we had their Lobster & Shrimp flatbread ($16), which united a crispiness from the bread with a creaminess (from the garlic cream sauce) and just enough meat to whet the appetites of 3-4 individuals. Kogi Beef Tacos ($13) are absolutely delectable as they contain a large amount of tender beef short rib with a crisp slaw that adds a proper snap into the dish. The kimchi provides additional depth as it provides a more pickled / tart element to the sweetness of the meat. The size of the Sweet & Sour Shrimp ($16) are astounding; there are solid sweet and spicier elements that never overpower the clean taste of the shrimp utilized.

For those that want different types of sodas, Crave has crafted a set of non-alcoholic adult alternatives. The Blueberry Mint Fizz (blueberry, mint, soda) was our favorite of these as there was a sweetness / herbal dichotomy created in the effort. The raspberry bull lemonade gives the familiar flavor of Red Bull a new lease on life with just enough tart taste. For fans of clamatos or Bloody Marys, the Strawberry Jalapeno drink creates a party in one-‘s mouth – some sips are spicy, some other sweet.

Crave has a sushi counter that crafts a number of traditional and timeless rolls (nigiris, sashimis) but where the restaurant shines comes in their house rolls. We tasted their Bamboo Bite ($15) and Lobster ($22) rolls. The Bamboo bite contains tempura shrimp, avocado, and crème cheese completed with a jalapeno topper and the inclusion of hibachi and unagi (eel) sauces. The roll has enough smoothness added to the experience by the cream cheese with a little bit of a bite to conclude each bite. The Lobster roll has it all – avocado, chili sauce, raspberry crunchy flakes, mango, and the aforementioned lobster – and concludes with the unagi and hibachi sauces. The crunch imbued by the flakes makes each piece of the roll pop in one’s mouth, while the mango and lobster unite to make for a fruity and mildly sweet experience.


Crave’s escolar is given a further boost in the flavor category, tying together its buttery notes with the inclusion of date butter and microgreens, while their-half roasted chicken was a pinnacle of our dining experience. This half roasted chicken ($20) is glazed with a jalapeno orange sauce and laid on top of a pineapple relish and fried plantains.
While we were positively stuffed by this point of our meal, we were invited to delve into Crave’s dessert menu. We chose their Tiramisu miniature ($3.50), which showcased each layer – mascarpone cheese, espresso-infused white cake, and shaved chocolate – separately.

For a limited time, Crave Bethesda has a number of specials. From Sunday through Tuesday, a child can eat free with the purchase of a full-priced dinner entrée. During the same period, sushi created by the restaurant rings up at half price, while wine is half-priced from Sundays to Thursdays. Crave Restaurant – Bethesda is a great destination for couples or for families. The chain has a number of locations throughout the United States; visit the company’s main domain for information, menus, and directions to your closest Crave.
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