Kristin Moura Interview

You have just released your cover version of Omi’s Cheerleader. What twists and turns did you bring to your version and how did you make it yours?

My cover of Omi’s No 1 Billboard song is turned to the female finding their special someone. I changed up some words in the song to reflect this to make it my own. Although overplayed, its still a catchy song! Light hearted compared to some of the music i have uploaded. I just wanted something different for fans to hear!

Once Called Home was your previous single, which linked together EDM, pop and more new age elements. What story does it tell about Kristin Moura the person?

My song Once Called Home is about finding this place we can call home. The video has me walking around aimlessly looking at different things until i see something that i can call mine. For me personally, the song relates in a way where i am trying to find out who i am as a person. Its like having a flashback of all these images and putting them in a video. Its like this dark world where we want to add some brightness. Alongside, the ability to call something home.

How have you evolved your musical style from your initial batch of songs (Turn on the Gravity, Another Level) to Once Called Home?

I think from one song to the next was just to figure out what style of music and direct we wanted to go in. Once we recorded a few different songs; we had a playback session to see what we wanted to do next. With a few unreleased songs and ideas; we wanted to release things at the right time. Having a song bank is tricky! Trying to decide the best order to release and promote at the right time for certain videos.

You are from the Boston area (generally). How supportive are your east coast fans and have you noticed any differences between those fans from around your neck of the woods to those from the rest of U.S.?


From Boston to CA i think fans are all different. The ones that are further away i feel like they encourage travel more so they can be involved and actually get to hear me play. Its definitely harder to travel to play right now. I’m an indie artist still waiting to be heard! Locally, they still ask when the next time ill be performing is, etc.

You have the opportunity to perform a duet with another star, past or present. Who would you choose and why would you pick them?

This is going way back to the 90’s now. I’d totally still perform with the Backstreet Boys!   I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again/now! 🙂

How much of a role have social media / artist websites played in establishing your fanbase? How is this support different than that given by traditional (newspaper/radio) media?

I think social media is definitely playing a significant role in today’s music scene. People are all glued to their computer or phone. Social media allows interaction in comparison to just reading in print media or actual radio. Fans are more drawn in when you engage in conversation with them. I’ve been posting on Facebook and can’t believe some of the turn around on some posts. I wasn’t expecting that many likes or comments and all of a sudden it seems to have excelled for me!

What goals do you have for the rest of 2015?

My  goals of 2015 are to release some brand new original music, my video game and its theme song! Expect alot more stuff!

How can our readers hear your music and keep up to date about your latest news?

You can keep up with me on social media!

Finally, do you have any thoughts for our readers at NeuFutur?

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Thank you so much for your time.

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