Oktoberfest Bavarian Style Lager (Upland; Bloomington, IN)

NeuFutur review of Oktoberfest Lager from Upland

Upland’s (Bloomington, Indiana) Oktoberfest offering pours with a light orange coloration and a small amount of offwhite head. The good amount of malt present in Upland’s take on the typical Oktoberfest offering is matched perfectly with a decent alcohol bite. A small amount of hops are included in the overall flavor profile to stave off the sweetness present in the marzen style. The crispness of this beer is unheard of when one picks up an Oktoberfest beer, but I feel as if more breweries should be taking this tack. One’s palette is refreshed after they take a sip of Upland’s latest, and it is this new take on the beer that allows an imbiber the opportunity to experience some of the softer and harder to find elements.NeuFutur review of Oktoberfest Lager from Upland

The strong malt and ABV of this Oktoberfest ensure that the beer is able to stay stable as it begins to approach room temperature. The sweet/bitter dichotomy comes into greater focus as the beer is able to open and warm up. The malt-dominant flavor of Upland’s Oktoberfest will be what continues to bring one back for subsequent bottles of the beer. There is a toasted, roasty flavor that is presented with the beer that will have an individual continue to come back for more. Bits of spice, caramel, and citrus elements peek their way through at these later stages, giving individuals the energy that they need to finish the beer as strongly as they began it. This is a great effort to drink standing around a fire or partaking in the particularly Bacchanalian revelry that the titular holiday refers.

For information about the whole range of Upland’s year-round and seasonal offerings, give their domain a spin. The brewery’s Facebook and Twitter profiles are must-adds if one is interested in their limited-run beers.

Rating: 8.5/10
Upland Oktoberfest / 6.7% ABV / IBU 20 /  http://uplandbeer.com/brew/oktoberfest/ / https://www.facebook.com/UplandBrewingCo / https://twitter.com/uplandbrewco /

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