Lodge CRS8 Seasoned Steel Skillet

Over the course of the last century, South Pittsburg, Tennessee’s Lodge Cast Iron has created world-renowned cast iron goods, becoming synonymous with quality.

Lodge CRS8

Lodge has rolled out a new seasoned steel line that matches the versatility of their initial cast iron products with the lightness of steel.

What results is a skillet that is quick to heat, easy to clean, and shines no matter one is preparing omelets, steak, or the most delicate of sauces. The CRS8, an 8-inch seasoned steel skillet, retails for $40. The skillet is able to reach cooking or searing temperatures after 30 seconds to a minute on high-heat, a rate that is quicker than many conventional skillets. Lodge’s desire to make a non-stick cooking surface that is purely metal (rather than a metal and secondary material like Teflon) means that one can cook hotter for longer and have peace of mind regarding any potential health concerns. The build quality of the CRS8 means that it can be attacked with a spatula, clattered around with other kitchen implements, and treated roughly while remaining in pristine condition. By seasoning the skillet with an additional coating of their favorite oil, users can ensure that the surface is non-stick.

Lodge recommends a silicone handle holder to counteract any heat transference from the skillet, but the handle seems to reach cooler temperatures than one from one of Lodge’s cast iron lines. The silicone holder fits perfectly on the skillet handle and repels all heat along with providing a more intuitive way to grip the pan.

Check out our coverage of Lodge’s L10SKG3, a cast iron skillet with tempered glass cover. The main Lodge website has a tremendous amount of information about the company, the whole line of their products, and care instructions that will allow one of their products to be passed down from generation to generation. While Lodge has een known for their cast iron in the past, Lodge’s new seasoned steel line should

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