The LaCie Mirror hard drive shines like a diamond

We received a one terabyte LaCie Mirror hard drive (9000574) for review the last year and are pleased to report that the installation process and the whole step by step process for making the hard drive live is incredibly easy. The simple fact is that the installation of a hard drive can be a little difficult especially to those individuals that our first time homebrew creators. Even those that have had the chance to go and build computers in the past might have a problem bringing a new hard drive on line in the fashion that one wants.LaCie Mirror

In fact I still have a solid state (SSD) drive from Kingston that has been kicking around the NeuFutur offices that I have never been able to impress into normal, everyday service. The installation process of the LaCie Mirror seems easy enough; just go and plug in the hard drive to the USB and one would presume that the device would be recognized. This is logical since one can stick a thumb drive into the back of their computer and be able to transfer items to and from the device within about 30 seconds; why would a hard drive be any more difficult? The creators of the LaCie Mirror hard drive understood this premise and within about a minute of taking the hard drive from its box I was able to get it online, active and able to have materials placed onto the device.

The LaCie Mirror has a very small footprint just say slight bit larger than a 3 by 5” business card. The hard drive comes with a number of extras including a fancy varnished wood plank with a cut out upon which one can place the mirror drive. The hard drive comes with a carrying sack so that one can be ensured that the transportation process is an easy one; send over your favorite movies, video games or audio to the hard drive and you will be able to bring the collection over to a friend’s house. The transfer rates on the mirror hard drive are decently fast meaning that one will be able to transfer about a 5 gigabyte item within 2 or 3 minutes. Very little in the way of space is taken up by the software that’s required to run the hard drive – out of 1 terabyte promise by the company, I had about 960 gigabytes of usable space. With the price of hard drives dipping every month one should seriously consider the LaCie Mirror hard drive for their everyday portable hard drive, one that can be thrown into a bag and trucked around. The mirror surface (which is nearly indestructible, created from Corning’s Gorilla Glass) allows the device to shine brilliantly on the top of a desk or computer case; Pauline Deltour’s design here makes this a brilliant combination of fashion and function.

Rating: 9.5/10

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