Tilted Kilt – 5075 Dressler Rd NW Canton, OH 44718

The Tilted Kilt was kind enough to invite us in their Canton, Ohio establishment last week. While there, we experienced a number of their plates. We began the meal with a scotch egg; this appetizer was perfectly service but could stand to include a bit more in the way of sausage. 12557787_10153974328289673_1555158248_o The Perfect Patron Marguerita was built off of Patrón Silver Tequila base and completed through the inclusion of Monin Agave Nectar & freshly squeezed lime juice. For those that are bigger fans of beer, the selection of the Tilted Kilt is considerably larger than one’s local watering hole – micro and macro brewed efforts rub shoulders with foreign imports, to given individuals the widest possible swath of options. . The Canton location offered two distinct offerings by Akron’s own Thirsty Dog Brewing.

The shepherd’s pie was our favorite entrée of the night, containing ample portions of ground beef alongside carrots, peas, and mushroom gravy. This plate is finished with the inclusion of Parmesan baked mashed potatoes & garlic bread, with portion sizes large enough to allow one to split the meal into two distinct sections.

Tilted Kilt – 5075 Dressler Rd NW Canton, OH 44718

The F.A.B. Burger would be a perfect purchase for anyone that wants to have an unparalleled crispness to their beef. On this burger, a spicy (Kilt Burner) mayo is presented alongside Applewood-smoked bacon, lettuce, tomato, and onion. A side of the restaurant’s onion rings provides the perfect blend of crisp and sweet to what is already a labyrinthine-deep batch of tastes.12562458_10153974328254673_1390688164_o

The ambiance of the restaurant is fantastic, providing a number of nods to the American-Irish identification (posters for Guy Ritchie films, Flogging Molly).  A number of large-screen TVs are present no matter where one sits at the bar, something that ensures that one will not miss any sporting event that they wish to see.

There were two highlights to our meal. Our server continually came in to check on us as we progressed through the meal. The salted caramel dessert cookie was fantastic, as it blended the proper amounts of sweet and salty. The salted caramel fad has been all the rage in the last year, but the Titled Kilt is the first restaurant to moderate the salt content of their sweet dishes and make for something that is eminently well-balanced.12516376_10153974328204673_436960110_n

The menu of the Titled Kilt is sufficiently large that one should be able to come back two or three times to find other plates that they would like to experience. While I purchased the burger this time around, I would like to see how the restaurant tackles chicken and pork; the Tilted Kilt’s BBQ stout pulled pork sandwich suggests that the plate has considerable depth.

The Canton branch of the Tilted Kilt is open from 11 AM until 12 PM. While the restaurant will rapidly fill up whenever there is a sporting event or a lunch/dinner rush, the location makes it a major focus to provide quick and correct service. For more information about the full menu offerings of the Tilted Kilt along with other events being held at your local branch, give the restaurant’s domain a spin.

Tilted Kilt – 5075 Dressler Rd NW Canton, OH 44718 / http://tiltedkilt.com/https://www.facebook.com/tiltedkiltcanton / https://twitter.com/TiltedKiltPub

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