Adiri NxGen Nurser Slow Flow Baby Bottle

The baby bottle is something that seems incredibly simple and that technology would have found the precise design and amount of extras that would be perfect for ferrying milk into an infant’s mouth. What is actually the case is that the average bottle is something that could be improved upon. There is a bottle by Adiri that reinvents what the object is and will hopefully get infants the milk they need, the amount they desire at the speed that they prefer. The NxGen Nurser is a cheaply priced ($11.99) but valuable tool for infants that still require a bottle in that it has four distinct flow rates, meaning that a child can take in the amount of milk that is best for them.Adiri NxGen Nurser Slow Flow Baby Bottle

Simple fixes are present here as well; a cap is included which will decrease the amount of spillage and the possibility of spoilage for the milk. The design and material used for the nipple has been crafted with the wants of an infant in mind, meaning that there is a human skin-like softness to the material that Adiri has chosen. The firmness present in the nipple approximates a human nipple; confusion is not likely to happen for those infants that may be exclusively breastfed when the situation requires a bottle. Finally, the presence of a warming dish means that the residual heat from a warm bottle of milk will be slow to dissipate. Babies take milk much easier that is at a warm temperature; the Adiri NxGen Nurser bottle is able to maintain that temperature. There is little in the way of complaints about the design of the NxGen Nurser; the cap could be designed in such a way that it could be replaced by other sanitary caps. The overall cleaning process of the bottle is easy if one has a brush and this should be seen as a welcome addition for any parents that are looking to give their child the easiest experience when milking.

Rating 8.6/10

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