Anger (Greenbush Brewing)

Anger is a black India Pale Ale from Michigan’s Greenbush Brewing, a rare example of a Black IPA done right as it actually has the bitterness that is required to make a solid foray into the style. Where a number of black IPAs suffer is in the blends of malts and hops, something that is mastered by Greenbush. The beer pours with a dark brown to black coloration and a small amount of off-white to tannish head. The nose of Anger is sharp and assertive, recreated when one delves into the beer. The bitterness is first experienced when one takes a quaff of anger while a toasted flavor is given to the beer by the inclusion of malts. Hints of pine, caramel, coffee and chocolate can be picked up as one moves into the middle point of Anger, while tastes of cherry and orange play at the periphery.

Anger (Greenbush Brewing)

The dominance of the malts mean that the overall cohesion of Anger is remarkably consistent no matter where one is on the beer. When the beer reaches room temperature the effort changes slightly meaning that the initial assertiveness of the hops drops out to lend a more nuanced constellation of flavors to the chorus. The sweet and hoppy dichotomy that is created here is something that pushes each element to an entirely higher plateau. Anger is a beer that should be searched out by anyone that is a fan of malt or hoppy efforts. For individuals that wish to find out more about Greenbush, a full slate of information about the company’s year-round and seasonal efforts are present at their main domain. The brewery’s Facebook and Twitter are great destinations for those that wish to find out the latest haps about new products

Rating: 9.1/10

Anger / Black IPA / Greenbush Brewing / 7.60% ABV / / /

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