Mexicali Stout (Birdsong Brewing)

Birdsong Brewing has released a few efforts that have made it into cans. One of their limited time engagements is their Mexicali Stout. This offering is bar none one of the best spiced stouts that we have ever tasted. The brewery utilizes coffee along with just a hint of chile spice to create something that is tasty, refreshing and will ultimately go well with a wide variety of cuisine as well as shine when one drinks it alone.

Mexicali Stout (Birdsong Brewing)

The Mexicali Stout has a somewhat lighter body to its then your typical stout, occupying that space between porters and the thicker, sometimes sludgy tenor one experiences when they drink a stout. It is this lighter body that allows some of the more delicate flavors of the beer to shine through. The coffee flutters through at points, giving the Mexicali Stout enough of the way of lightness to bring imbibers to the finish line. As the beer continues to warm the vaguely noticeable spice that presents itself during the first quarter of the beer becomes more prominent. By the time that one finishes up a pint can of Mexlicali Stout, they will have a decent dose of zest.

The spice element is not the green pepper flavor that is polarizing in a great many beers, but rather a more cayenne pepper element. Mexicali Stout’s spice is what is tasted with subsequent sips rather than the fruit. There is a tendency of many breweries to go forth and create spicy stuff that is off-putting in terms of how intense the resulting beer is, but Birdsong does the combination of spice and stout right, making an effort that hits on all cylinders. For more information about the entirety of the beers that Birdsong releases and particulars about their taproom, give their domain a spin.

Rating: 8.9/10

Mexicali Stout / Birdsong Brewing / 5.7% ABV / 35 IBU / Charlotte, North Carolina / / /

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