Dandies All Natural Marshmellows

Many times the type and brand of a marshmallow is not considered at all by those looking to purchase a bag. The typical assumption is that all marshmallows are created (and as a result) taste the same. We had our perceptions permanently changed when we received a bag of Dandies All Natural Marshmallows, which are non-GMO, vegan, and gluten free.

At first, I can honestly say I was not the biggest fan of Dandies; they had a different sort of flavor to them but after eating a few, I grew to love the depth of flavor and the continued softness of the product in excess of other marshmallows that are on the market. These marshmallows have a velvety mouthfeel and stay away from the chalkiness that is typically present with marshmallows.

Due to the way Dandies Marshmellows are made, they are able to stay fresh for much longer than other products on the market. I was able to have a bag open over the course of a week without them firming up or otherwise getting inedible. As a result there is absolutely no reason to go back to the traditional bland and boring marshmallows that has been the common experience of most Americans. They would do well alone or included in any sort of dish that contains the sweets. We want to go and include them when we create our S’mores as they do much to cut some of the overly sweets chocolate elements that are typically present. For more information and recipes about how one can utilize Dandies, visit their main domain.  Dandies Marshmellows come in normal and mini sizes, with flavored variants of their line available on an irregular basis (a pumpkin flavor was released last fall/winter).

Rating 9.0/10

Dandies All Natural Marshmellows / http://dandiesmarshmallows.com  / https://www.facebook.com/MyDandies / https://twitter.com/mydandies

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