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Microgaming is one of the few examples to be found in any industry where the undisputed market leader quite genuinely provides the very best service, and for this reason it is the preferred software used to power the games hosted by many of the world’s leading online casino sites. Like all true market-leaders Microgaming have built their success upon constantly improving and enhancing the quality of their products, taking particular care never to rest upon their laurels in the face of rapidly improving technology. Here we’ll take a look at why Microgaming has been so successful, and explain the reasons for their popularity with casinos and players alike.


Who & What Is Microgaming?


Amazingly enough considering how few people may have even heard of Microgaming, the company are widely regarded as having been the first to successfully launch online gaming software all the way back in 1994! As facilitators/engineers who create the games that casinos host on their sites, Microgaming choose to take the back seat of creating the products with undivided attention, instead leaving the marketing and operating of the games to the operators themselves.


By no means does this mean that they haven’t received swathes of recognition and plaudits though. Since the turn of the millennium Microgaming have received over thirty awards for the pioneering quality of the games that they have created, as well as substantial recognition for their enthusiasm and abilities in adopting new programming methods to enhance the end user experience to ever higher levels.


Where Can I Play Microgaming Products?


As mentioned above Microgaming themselves don’t host a gaming site, instead they build the games either wholesale or specific to order for online casino operators. Such is their reputation for build quality and user experience sites that host games with Microgaming pedigree are usually quick to explain their presence to their customers, as they really are the hallmark of a professional operation. Plenty of the longest established online casinos such as the world famous Royal Vegas Casino have used Microgaming products on their sites for many years, such is the reliability and popularity of the products that they engineer.


One of the great features of Microgaming products is that while they have produced over four hundred unique styles of game, in many cases the ‘skins’ of these products are interchangeable which allows the same engine to be used even though the game itself may look very different. This is especially the case with branded games such as movie tie-ins for which Microgaming have won several major awards (The Dark Knight, Tomb Raider etc.).


Fans of more classic games such as roulette and video poker are also well served by Microgaming, who have also been behind over seventy such designs at similarly award winning levels of design quality.


A Developing Network That Rewards Players!


Another reason why Microgaming has proven such a popular basis for so many of the larger casinos is that the software is also capable of running worldwide leaderboards and progressive jackpots, essentially making it possible for players/clients of rival casinos to compete for huge jackpots. Indeed Microgaming have been the driving force behind an eyewatering 465 million euro in such payouts since their inception of this style of gaming!


In regards to the future Microgaming are continuing to adapt and enhance their experience, following the trend among many online casinos to go for a more ‘live’ approach to their games. Early experiments with virtual reality have proved promising for the long term, while the ever growing market for super-high performance mobile gaming continues to provide the immediate focus for the company’s attention.

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