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The Rodizio Grill in Columbus, Ohio is an attraction that one should visit should they find themselves in the city limits. Located in the Arena District, the restaurant is inviting sitting prominently on a corner. After getting a reservation, the process is an easy one; visit the skillful front of the house greeter and one will rapidly be seated. The appetizers that your meal starts one with are also a good way to have one’s taste buds challenged as we were given a trio of different breads including a very dense cheese biscuit and a zesty sort of fried cornbread or polenta. Couple this with a sweet banana and one will be absolutely hungry for the next part of the meal.IMG_20160130_194959711
After being situated we were given a brief rundown of how the restaurant operates.There is a wide variety of different inspired dishes that are available on the salad bar, a term which the restaurant uses that I feel does not represent the depth and versatility of the different offerings that are provided. This means there are corn and baked dishes, beef brisket, interesting takes on chicken and a variety of soups. The bread that is included on the salad bar has been infused with a bold flavor palette; this time, it included rose water. This is not simply the salad bar at that one would experience should they go to a local steak house. In the same fashion what one would experience at any sort of steakhouse in their area is trumped through the inspired plates that the Rodizio Grill creates.IMG_20160130_194608220Whether one purchases a lunch or dinner option the overall experience will be similar. One is given a wooden replica of a stopwatch that has a red and green side to it. Should one wants to go and be served samples of the main variety of steak, chicken, pork and fish they just place the stopwatch where the green side is on the top. When this occurs, individuals will be absolutely swarmed by gauchos holding meat and providing cuts of each dish that they will be serving. Steak is the largest one of these, whether wants a hunk of tri-tip or of the wide variety of different beef cuts that the Rodizio Grill cooks to perfection. As the gaucho will cut off pieces to your liking, the meal is completed only when you say so.IMG_20160130_195846543

When one is served samples of the tri-tip beef (Maminha), a garlic-infused steak (Bife Com Alho), pork with parmesan cheese and bacon (Lombo Com Queijo), they will be impressed by the depth of the flavors of each plate. There are barbecue chicken tastes, along with pork sausages and even fish dishwa that are impressive. While steak is the major focus here there’s no denying that the chicken and pork meets offered are similarly inspired. While most of what the Rodizio Grill offers in terms of the Gauchos bringing out entrees is meat based there is still one of their specialties that even vegans or vegetarians can appreciate – a glazed banana pineapple highlights the tart pineapple taste by the inclusion of a good amount of sugar. Rodizio Grill Columbus

One can stay at the Rodizio Grill for as long as it takes for them to be filled – for us, we completed our meal in about 45 minutes, as the servings that the Gauchos provide in the case of chicken or sausage may run around two to three ounces. The post dinner experience that one would have over at the Rodizio Grill is a memorable one. While not included in the main entree cost, the desserts that the Grill creates are out of this world. We experienced two of these desserts – an orange infused creme brulee and a torte that blends a very deep and decadent chocolate cake with a light and airy bit of banana and strawberry.IMG_20160130_203700128


Over the course of the time that we ate we had a server refill our glasses and the section leader ask us about our experience numerous times. There was never a point at which a member of the Rodizio Grill staff was more than 5 to 10 feet away and it is this close feeling that the restaurant provides that distinguishes it from the rest of the fare that is in the Arena District. For more information about the full array of different dishes that the Rodizio Grill provides and more information about the chain, visit their website.

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