Sitting down with Perth’s Icreatedamonster

The Rise and Fall is your debut EP. What is your creative process and what sources of inspiration (e.g. books, television, film) get your creative juices flowing?

Everyone brings their own style to the table..we usually start with a single riff from one of our guitarists Adam, jam it and let it unfold. Then our other guitarist Jordan polishes and puts a more tangible structure in, along with the rest of the instruments. The lyrics are written before we start writing the music itself then we combine the two to get the layout of the song. We’re constantly added things and changing parts in these songs well after they were write, even now. I don’t think it ever stops, there’s always something different you can play with existing songs, swap out or change up. But it’s very much a collective effort from beginning to end with the aim of being as different as possible and incorporating all our musical tastes. As far as inspiration from things like tv and books, we really don’t take any from that, we get inspiration from the world around us and we funnel these observations into a song that will have a particular feel to it for what we are trying to get across.

What sort of artists have most shaped your music?

Honestly, there aren’t many bands we can name really. We’d like to think bands like Periphery or Suicide Silence to name a few have helped shape our music but they don’t. We just play what feels good at the time and mold the songs into something we’re happy with then fine-tune it. We’re not interested in playing the same music that’s become stale, the kind of metal that’s become saturated if you will. We just wanna play what feels good to us and what makes us proud of to have people listen too.

What significance does your name have? What sort of role does a title or a name have in regards to the music you create?

The name sort of came about as a joke, a friend of ours decided to get married and have a baby within a year of meeting his now wife all because our guitarist introduced them. In a way, he’s created a monster. But we don’t let our name define the music we create. I guess for us it’s a symbol of expression and we have a lot to say within what we write. In a way it’s about unleashing those harsh truths, unleashing those monsters into the world…

What sort of plans do you have for the latter part of the year?14344329_650040485161352_931999218777583732_n

Right now, we’re focusing on shoving our music into as many people’s faces as we can. We love playing on stage so we’re just trying to do that for now too. Possibly write a song or two just to see how much our music has changed since we stopped writing the EP, but really we’re just gonna take it as it comes. One things for sure tho, we’re not stopping.

Let’s talk gear and technology. What does your current recording and music production set up look like? What sort of upgrades do you want to add in the future?

At the moment, we do all our writing and recording at Vision Studios in Perth. John has been very good to us and we love it there so no plan on getting our own equipment at the moment. Our guitarist Jordan is a bit of a gear addict so there’s no doubt a plan in the future to expand on when it comes to musical and recording gear. We’d really like to upgrade our backline in terms of amps, and kits etc… but for now we just make do with what we have. Thems the perks of being poor musicians I suppose. Hahah.

The Rise and Fall has seven distinct tracks, all with a different overall sound and influenced laced throughout. What is your favorite track off of the release? How can listeners find samples of your music?

We wrote The Rise and Fall over the course of a year and a half so it’s hard to really put our finger on that but as a whole we all love Dissimulation. There’s just something about that track that we just enjoy, from the intro to the chorus and the breakdown at the end that just does it for us. Listeners can find us on Facebook at and our music on Bandcamp at

Thanks for speaking with us tonight. Do you have anything else that you would like to tell NeuFutur?

Thanks for taking the time to bother with us. Hahah. Hopefully whoever is reading this will be in one of our mosh pits in the not too distant future.

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