Ditto (Session IPA)

Ditto (Session IPA)

A number of breweries are trying their hand at finding the perfect balance between a low ABV and a strong hop forward flavor profile. Pyramid has offered up their Ditto, a session IPA which hits a number of the marks to make for a solid effort. There is a fair amount of floral and piney hop notes that are immediately present after the initial sip. A wheaty, grain-heavy backbone allows these more oily and resinous elements to dominate. There is a smaller amount of bitterness when compared to traditional India Pale Ales or imperial IPAs. The beer is able to stay coherent as it continues to warm, with a shifting set of flavors eliciting hints of malt and barley before too long. This scintillating tendency of Ditto makes it a beer that one will gladly drink again.

Ditto is one of those beers that you can sit back and sip over the course of a sporting event or other social activity. The (relatively) lower IPA makes it easy to demolish a few bottles. For those individuals that may not be fans of incredibly hopped efforts, Ditto represents a perfect sort of introduction to the IPA style. There is a broad crossover appeal to Ditto that will appease fans of pilsners, lagers, and pale ales; the beer is a bit more formidable than comparable macrobrew efforts.

Pyramid does well in making their Ditto deep and detailed enough to get even those veteran hop heads wanting to pick up a bottle. For additional information about the full product line and Pyramid’s year round and seasonal efforts check out their domain. New product information and day-to-day updates can be accessed at the brewery’s Facebook or Twitter. We’ve covered a Pyramid offering in the past; give our Super Snow Cap article a spin.

Rating: 7.9/10

Ditto Session IPA / 4.5% ABV / 45 IBU / Pyramid Brewery / http://www.pyramidbrew.com/ / http://facebook.com/pyramidbrew / http://twitter.com/pyramidbrew /

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