Parabajava 2016 (Firestone Walker)

Parabajava 2016 (Firestone Walker)

Firestone Walker does not distribute in Ohio. It is a sad fact of life but it means that any time we make it to a state that has Firestone Walker distribution, we have to pick up a bottle. The company has just released the 2016 variety of their popular Imperial coffee Stout power up by Java. This beer which is pegged at about 13% ABV pours with a chocolate brown coloration and virtually nothing in the way of a head. The beer seemingly looks a bit on the thin side but any concerns regarding the mouth feel and immediately dissipates the second one takes the first sip of this Imperial Coffee Stout.

Powerful rich notes immediately dominate linking together toasted malt, vanilla, brown sugar and a bit of bourbon burn. The most surprising thing about Parabajava is how easily the brew goes down.

One typically feels a bit of alcohol burn when they experience a 13% beer but Firestone Walker is able to blend together a considerable variety of flavors to hide the alcohol hotness that typically presents itself in beers of this percentage. The coffee notes are a bit muted in this one but I don’t think that is a bad thing. With so many other elements vying for dominance in this beer the inclusion of the coffee to the product creates a harmony rather than a dissonance.

The 2016 vintage of this effort is available for a limited time in those states where Firestone Walker distributes their beer. With this being such a bold barrel-aged stout one would do well to buy multiple bottles and open them at regular intervals – perhaps yearly to see how Parabajava has changed. A full rundown of the different varieties of beers at Firestone Walker creates is available on their website while further information about new products can be located at their social media profiles.

Rating: 9.7/10

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